Shaun Foster(non-registered)
Love your work at 2012, Brighton WNBR, &, have thoroughly enjoyed the photo's, esp. Those of naked male cyclists, with small, ginger, haired, genitalia, with female/s watching, laughing, etc. As these relate to me + my own fantasies, and, my own small, ginger penis!
Keep up the excellent work, you miracle maker, I'd love to model for you, naked, of course!!!
Amanda Lucas(non-registered)
Fabulous photos Julia! A great day out.
Katie Amer (Beach of the Dead)(non-registered)
Many thanks again Julia, for awesome photography taken at our parade Saturday!
Anthony Duke(non-registered)
Excellent photography capturing the moment with amazing clarity! (",)
Andy Willett(non-registered)
Brilliant Photographer
William Popper(non-registered)
Very impressive portfolio of multi varied subject matter...Master Photographer you.
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