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Marc the Vet lends a hand as the Four Paws Project Ukraine dog catching team go to work.
The Four Paws Ukraine project with stray dogs was set up to help control the population of stray dogs in the Ukraine. Previously the dogs had been rounded up and ruthlessly slaughtered. International animal welfare charity Four Paws stepped in to help and negotiated with the government to be allowed to set up a neutering campaign - the dogs are collected, neutered and given a health check and vaccinations then released back to their own territory. Marc Abraham [TV's Marc the vet] went out to visit to help raise awareness of their work. He spent a morning with the Four Paws dog catching team, seen here in action.
Local residents in Lutsk, who are fond of their stray dogs, usually alert the Four Paws team to untagged strays. The team make several trips a day collecting the strays and returning them to their home territory after their treatment and recovery. For more information on the work of Four Paws http://www.four-paws.org.uk/ and Marc the Vet http:/​/​www.​marcthevet.​com/​/
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