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Adding a hilarious twist to the cocktail competition genre, the One Handed Mystery Box Speed round of the Babicka Cocktail making competition made its debut at Under the Tap today. Contestants Sam and Wesley from Above Audio, Pete and Simon from Yum Yum Ninja, Andy from Hotel Seattle, and Mike from host bar Under the Tap got off to a gentle start in the first round by creating a vodka cocktail featuring the sponsors Babicka Vodka and other ingredients of their own choosing. But things really got going in round two, where they had to come up with a cocktail recipe on the spot using the ingredients chosen from a mystery box, with Babicka Vodka. Adding the need for dexterity to the mix by creating the drink with one arm behind their backs in under two minutes led to some very tricky situations and ingenious methods of shaking and pouring. Points were awarded for style, presentation and taste of the drinks made - eventual winners were Sam from above Audio first, with Simon from Yum Yum Ninja and Mike from Under the Tap in second and third. Judges were Alex Clarke and Justin Shore of Babicka - generous sponsors of the competition - and Ehren Khoo Steel who rounded off the proceedings by showing off their one handed mixing skills. Check out for some great cocktail ideas or drop in to Under the Tap at 103 North Road, Brighton for a unique cocktail or two

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