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Chefs Benji Hinchcliffe of La Choza and Kanthi Thamma of Curry Leaf Cafe spice things up at the BHFDF Mexico meets India at Hotel du Vin - a dinner in support of FareShare Sussex.

Welcome Drink: Nimbu Paani and Chaat Masala Margarita
Tomato: Totopos/Poppadums with Green Tomatillo Salsa, Andra Tomato and Ginger Chutney and Naga Chaat Masala Salsa
Corn: Corn Tostada/ Sweetcorn Vadas
Coriander: Fish Ceviche/ Hara Mackerel
Chilli:Lamb Barbacoa Taco/ Hyderabadi Lamb Chop
Lime: Chilli glazed Pineapple/ Coconut and Lime Sorbet

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