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Claire Martin brought Belvedere's Bloody Mary Vodka to a group of Brighton bartenders at the Mixology school, then watched and tasted as they created some amazing variations on this classic cocktail. Inspired by some molecular wizardry from Mixology's Myles Cunliffe, and fortified with hearty bacon and egg baguettes, the assembled mixologists got to work, and as always, play. Audio Bar's Sam and Tony, myhotel's Ralf and Nick, Lainey from Valentinos, Ehren from Head Candy, Burns from Brighton Rocks and Mixology's Andreas and Mike were whipping it up with a foam of celery air and a sprinkle of gold dust and turning water into wine [or so it seemed at times!]. The resulting concoctions were fabulous. Spoilt for choice, I have a feeling that I could easily have an excitingly different Bloody Mary for every day of the week. As an indicator of how fiery the competition will be at the Brighton & Hove Festival of Food and Drink Mix Off I'd say we will be hitting Naga highs come the end of March…

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