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A Sunday afternoon stroll brings me to Brunswick Square and Hove Lawns where on one side of the road there is the Emergency Services Fun Day and the other the Brunswick Festival. Fireman are putting out fires, police dogs are arresting suspects, toddlers are trying out police motorbikes and lifeguard jackets whilst the new Shoreham Lifeboat looks like its going to park on the beach. Across the road in Brunswick Square bands play and people dance amongst the gay tents of stalls selling anything from antiques and bric a brac to candy floss, where you can have your tarot read,your face painted and have a strange balloon creature made for you, or be served vegetable curry by a man with a cabbage leaf on his head. Just along from the bandstand there are petanque players hunkering in the grit, whilst their spectators munch on chocolate bars to combat the breeze that has sprung up.
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