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Celebrating the anniversary of the repeal of Prohibition [or celebrating anything else for that matter!] couldn't be more fun than an evening in the secret speakeasy pop-up bar above the Wick Inn in Hove. Brought into being by the good folks at Buffalo Trace, and here in Brighton for only 2 weeks, it stars some of the finest sipping whiskey and cocktails it has been my pleasure to imbibe. The atmosphere is very 1920's speakeasy, tucked away up a spiral staircase with its prohibition style bartenders, great music and entertainment from the era including a gaming table. It's a great opportunity to taste some of those bourbon classics like Mint Julep and Old Fashioned as well as a new take on the Mojito, or - novelty for me that I rather enjoyed - the Buffalo Pickle Back. Being a whisky lover and having had a taste of the 15 - 17 year old George T Stagg I can't wait to join one of the tasting master classes being held there, or maybe even indulge two passions at once and go for the Chocolate pairing master class at Chocoholly.
Buffalo Trace Distillery was one of only four distilleries in the US to survive Prohibition with a permit to distill for "medicinal purposes". Can't say I've ever had medicine tasting this good, and as a cure for winter blues an evening of Buffalo Bourbon inspired fun can't be recommended highly enough!
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Buffalo Bourbon Empire is at The Wick Inn, 63 Western Road Hove BN3 1JD until February 9th 2013
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