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Who said Christmas [swim] was cancelled! Only in Brighton, and only for the hardy;-} Merry Christmas everyone!

The Brighton Swimming Club Christmas swim at Brighton Pier was officially cancelled this year because of adverse weather and tide conditions. But members of Brighton Swimming Club and the RNLI were on hand on the beach and the water this morning to keep an eye on things. As perhaps they had foreseen, some people found it hard to break with tradition, both as swimmers and spectators. Merry crowds thronged the beach and prom as as intrepid bathers, including Justin the Christmas tree, wisely went no further into the water than their ankles. Although there were those who took it a bit further, they were on the whole, seasoned sea swimmers. Everyone was, eventually, safely returned to shore. As if to prove just how difficult conditions were, quite a few spectators went home with wet feet as the tide advanced quickly in. Whilst swimming there may have been foolhardy, it was probably safer than others who ventured in alone at other spots up and down the sea front. A big shout out to Brighton Swimming club and the RNLI for being there and helping to keep everyone safe. Lets hope for slightly less exciting condition next year, meanwhile stay safe for a Happy New Year both on and off the Beach!

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