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‘Our green and pleasant land: the beauty of our hedgerow network’ Parliamentary exhibit opening. Speakers: Selaine Saxby Conservative MP for North Devon, Event Host Alex Sobel MP, Shadow Minister for Nature Recovery and Domestic Environment Simon Murray, Chair of Board at CPRE, The Countryside Charity The exhibition tells the story of the UK hedgerow network’s past, present, and future. Our countryside is defined by our hedgerows, and the exhibit captures and celebrates their rightful place in our cultural and natural heritage. The exhibition was curated by the Food Museum, Suffolk, in collaboration with Our Isles photographer Angus Birditt, and has been taken on by the CPRE, the countryside charity, to exhibit in parliament. The Food Museum’s mission is to connect people with where their food comes from and the impact of our choices, working towards a more sustainable world. CPRE, The Countryside Charity, is a charitable organisation which promotes an array of policies that are centric to the countryside advocating nationwide for the kind of countryside we all want: one with sustainable, healthy communities and available to more people than ever, including those who haven’t benefited before.

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