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Fridays at Madam Geisha is Dining in the Dark night - a multisensory experience of 3 course feast, mystery cocktail and a few surprises thrown in. I went down to see how it worked and found several adventurous couples had accepted the challenge of eating blindfolded. The waiting staff explained that they could choose from the Asian based vegetarian, meat, fish or mixed feast, and choose the main spirit for their cocktail, from which clues the chef and bartender would surprise and hopefully delight. It seemed to be an enjoyable experience for the participants, and much giggling ensued when the odd little trick or two got played by the staff on the diners. In some ways it was a little sad diners couldn't see the food, it did look fabulous, but by the looks of things the fun of using other senses outweighed this small disadvantage. I can't wait to try dining there, but am torn between getting to choose from starters of salads, tempura, or sushi, mains of Grilled salmon, beef, chicken or King Prawn, Wok fried pork belly, tofu, seafood or vegetarian yakisoba, and Green Curries with various sides and delicious looking home made deserts, or getting someone to choose for me and going for the blindfold. If someone there is brave enough to come with me I might just go for it...

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