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When Dinosaurs walked in Churchill Square, 1st July, 2011

If you go down to the Square today, you're sure of a big surprise…
Churchill Square in Brighton that is. The shopping centre is the latest home for Dinosaur Encounter - the Natural History Museum’s touring dinosaur exhibition. Velociraptors fly amongst great flowering vines which plunge from the skylight dome three stories up to the ground floor below where huge models of Tyrannosaurus Rex, Triceratops and other dinosaurs move and look scarily life like. The highlight of the exhibition is the Tyrannosaurus Rex which is over six metres long by 4 metres tall.
The exhibition continues in Churchill Square until September 2011.

Dinosaur Trouble in Churchill Square
News had come in that the dinosaurs in Churchill Square were getting lonely at night and might be getting ready to escape and run wild on a rampage through Churchill Square Shopping Centre in Brighton. It took two crack teams of specially primed [with Haribo and Fruit Shoots] children to finally subdue the monsters. Simon, Millie and Katie, after bravely attempting to lure T Rex into vegetarianism with carrots, eventually got him well tied down in the afternoon. As dusk fell and the shopping centre closed, however, he became restive again, and we had to send in special agents Isaac and Charlotte from Child Friendly Brighton, backed up by the Klickchick Kids Felix and Millie. This courageous team took a stronger line, with much yelling, tail pulling and spear waving, but eventually found that all T Rex wanted was company for a picnic and a leg cuddle. He has promised to behave himself now, and its safe for the shoppers and Dinosaur admirers to visit Churchill Square again. It takes years of training to become a dinosaur tamer like the two Millies, Felix, Charlotte, Katie, Luke and Isaac. We very nearly lost Isaac to T Rex instead of the carrots – he is only a young trainee – but fortunately Shosh had a good grip on him! Its quite safe now though, so please children, do come and see them to stop them getting lonely, just don’t go into the enclosure!

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