Julia Claxton Photography | SH4D 2010_11 Donkeys at Safe Haven for Donkeys, Israel
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Donkeys at rest and play in the sanctuary at Safe Haven for Donkeys in the Holy Land. It was a truly amazing thing to spend time wondering around the paddocks photographing these gentle little creatures. Courageous:some of them have suffered terrible mutilation; forgiving: they don't hold the abuse some of them have suffered as a grudge; but above all friendly, playful, curious and intelligent. So I would like to introduce to you my new friends, the donks. Plus a couple of mules and horses. Irresistable!
An ideal Christmas present for family or friends - adopt a donkey for them? Find out more here
James, Saffy, Dolly JMC_1720_1James, Saffy, Patience IMG_7567Diego, Emma, LizzieIMG_7697Emma, Heather, Jordy, Lucy JMC_1838James, Marco Polo and Carla IMG_7478William meets the Bad Boys JMC_1471Buttercup IMG_7605Carla lying IMG_7387Celia IMG_7394Chico IMG_7873Clyde IMG_7294Dolly and friends IMG_7510Gracie, Juliet, Petal, TobyJMC_1818Griselda JMC_1460Henry JMC_1731Geronimo JMC_1938Josephine Morning in the barn JMC_1760Juliet IMG_7707Lucy and Tippy IMG_7519Milo, William, wrestling JMC_1545

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