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Drakes of Brighton hosted Brighton & Hove Festival of Food and Drink's first ever International Chef Exchange when they welcomed top Chef Audrey Eussen of the Beaumont Hotel restaurant in Maastricht. For one night, Audrey took charge from Andy MacKenzie in the Drakes kitchen and produce a superb six course meal based mainly on ingredients bought from their local Limburgh area in Holland. Organised by writer and food critic Andrew Kay the event was a huge success, both in the kitchen [where the legendary unpredictable temperament of chef's on this occasion saw Andy Mackenzie apparently completely charmed by Audrey Eussen in his kitchen!] and in the sold out restaurant.

Limburg monastery pork with black pudding, Limburg mustard, bay leaf and apple
Limburg smoked trout with Dutch Zealand oyster, cucumber gelée, horseradish crème and herring caviar
Limburg asparagus soup with grilled turbot, tarragon oil and green asparagus
Limburg veal loin, cheek, and sweetbread with cumin cheese espuma, broccoli puree, yellow carrot and potato blinis
Limburg cheeses served with fruit bread, Limburg apple molasses and poached figs
Rhubarb sorbet, Limburg yoghurt panna cotta, Limburg rhubarb liqueur and lime cress
The meal was accompanied by some excellent wines from Domein Aldeburgh of Limburg

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