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The Espresso Mushroom Company are a group of coffee drinking food lovers who’ve taken the next step to bringing you the ultimate in fresh, local and sustainable produce. It’s all in the name; they grow fantastic Oyster Mushrooms on used coffee grounds - a perfect way to recycle something that there seems to be more of than you would think!No - they don’t taste of coffee, nor do they contain caffeine. I met up with Robbie Georgiou of Espresso mushrooms, and Terre a Terre's Olivia Reid at my local independent coffee house, Small Batch Coffee Company to see what its all about. Look out for Olivia's article soon for more information and put the 6th and 7th April in your diary as Espresso Mushroom Company will be launching to the public at the Big Sussex Market this Easter weekend. All part of the fun of the upcoming spring Brighton & Hove Festival of Food and Drink. Not to be missed!

©Julia Claxton
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