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Seven top chefs each partner with a local producer to create a dish each for diners during Brighton & Hove Food And Drink Festival’s Food Lab event at 64 Degrees. Partners were Matt Gillan [The Pass] & Ridgeview’s Mardi Roberts, Michael Bremner [64 Degrees] & Kier Foster [Brighton & Newhaven Fish Sales], Matty Bowling [Terre a Terre] & Tom Stephens [Wobblegate], Alun Sperring [The Chilli Pickle] & David Deaves [La Cave a Fromage], Seb Cole [Boho Gelato] & Sarah Thompson [Blackdown Spirits], Jimmy Gray [Jeremy’s] & Michaelmas Blackman [Blackman Bees], Semone Bonner [The Set] & Niki Deighton [King Beer]
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