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The Brighton & Hove Food and Drink Festival is for people who are passionate about local, sustainably sourced and ethically produced food and drink. The Food Festival team decided to show just how passionate, with some slightly irreverent but humorous references to classical art and the residents of Mount Olympus, in this homage to our 'Food of the Gods' - our local produce which was projected onto Brighton Town Hall as a finale to the Spring Food Festival

With heartfelt thanks to all who make this great event, The Brighton & Hove Food and Drink Festival, possible. To all the volunteers who organised the festival and worked tirelessly to make it run smoothly, the producers who brought their delicious offerings for everyone to sample, the chefs and staff of our local hostelries, but above all our visitors, we raise our glasses and salute you for making all this possible. Cheers!
Venus [after Boticelli]TantalusTethys - the Sea GoddessThe Discus ThrowerVenus [after Velasquez]The Javelin ThrowerDavid [with apologies to Micheagelo]Persephone DreamingOlympia [after Manet]The OracleKomus - God of RevelSaturn - Roman God of FarmingArtemis - the HuntressNeptuneCeresNarcissus [after John William Waterhouse]BacchusIntroend120409-0088

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