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Day 3 - A visit to Scheviningen to Bas's fish supplier HollandVis also included a visit to the Herring House to eat raw herring and mussels fried in batter before a walk along the beach. At HollandVis we get a scent of cucumber fish - a fish that smells like cucumber - and are shown a mackerel that has fallen foul of plastic rubbish in the sea - it was caught with a piece of plastic pipe embedded round its neck. Bas Oonk, head chef at restaurant Basaal in Den Haag discusses local fish, sustainability and cooking techniques with visiting head chef Michael Bremner from 64 Degrees, Brighton. The two chefs are part of Brighton & Hove Food and Drink Festival's International Chef Exchange where top chefs exchange kitchens to showcase their respective country's foods, wines and spirits. The exchange also includes time to visit other local restaurants, producers and to get a flavour of the city itself. All photos © Julia Claxton. More information from Brighton& Hove Food Festival

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