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Floating Farm

Because population growth occurs mainly in megacities in delta areas, and wealth, particularly in Africa and Asia, is steadily increasing, pressure is rising on the production and comsumption of goods, including food, and the associated logistic chain. In the Netherlands alone, agro transport accounts for one third of freight traffic. Food production close to consumers [within the city] causes an extreme shortening of the logistics chain. In order to make our food chain less vulnerable to climate change [flooding] and to relieve the environment through less transport and loss of food, we see a solution in high tech floating farms in the city. There is space on water. Floating Farm can contribute to an autonomous and healthy food program in an efficient and sustainable way.

Floating Farm also has an educational function. By showing consumers, and in particular children, how food is produced, awareness can grow.
More info https://floatingfarm.nl
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