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Brilliant sunshine met visitors to Churchill Square Farmers Market this morning in Brighton, and there was the added excitement of the Brighton & Hove Food Festival Live Food Kitchen. Cooking demonstrations ran throughout the day and included Paella cooked from scratch by Carlo from Aguadulce. The 30 minute cooking time was enlivened by Carlo's lively wit and repartee, and one of the spectators who did a little juggling for us. Sabai Thai's offering of Tom Yum soup rivalled the fun with a broadly smiling Auntie chef, who may not speak good English but carves a pretty mean carrot to create beautiful vegetable sculptures. Auntie's niece did any translating needed during the demonstration, but no translation was needed for the sounds of appreciation for the delicious soup! The day was rounded off with a cupcake baking and icing lesson from Cloud 9, ably assisted the icing stage by volunteer from the audience, Don. Strange how the queues for the delicious food samples grew as the demonstrations reached their climax;-} Demonstrations from Cantina, Barties Sussex Faire, Brighton and Hove Food Partnership and the Nutritionist Workshop were also on offer. A fun foodie day in the sun!

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