more later...Chefs from Sabai Thai, Cashew Catering, Indian Summer, Cantina Catering, Moshi Moshi, VBites, Titbits Catering and Yum Tum Sushi rose to the challenge of creating Japanese inspired vegan dishes as part of the Brighton & Hove Food and Drink Festival's Vegan Maki Challenge. Competition was fierce, but the eventual winner from VBites was a stunner: a dessert of green tea and pandan ice cream in a chocolate tear drop. In second place was Cashew Catering with their Tempeh Stuffed Aubergine Maki, and Moshi Moshi came third with their beetroot wrapped Broken Hearted Maki. Diners at Moshi had an enjoyable evening sampling the offerings of the various chefs with the added excitement of being judges for the evening.
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