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24th November 2010
Zigafish held their salon opening last night at 127 Western Road Brighton. Having your toes nibbled by fish as a pedicure may sound very weird, but it is in fact a wonderfully relaxing experience, particularly when indulged in with a champagne cocktail in one hand. And oh how wonderfully soft and revitalised my feet felt afterwards! The fish, a form of carp called Garra Rufa, are freshwater cleaner fish which in nature help keep fellow fish healthy by removing dead skin cells. They don't actually have teeth, but gently mouth the dead skin away. The delightful sensation is of a soft vibrating massage on one's skin. The carefully cleaned and filtered water in the fish tanks is constantly monitored for the comfort of both fish and clients. After a preliminary cleansing foot bath I was taken in to the beautifully lit tank room and slipped my feet, cautiously at first, into the tank. Everyone agreed it was wonderful, even the lady who took one dip and then had to psyche herself up to put her feet back in ended up being reluctant to get out. By the end of the session I was hoping it wouldn't be too long before Zigafish has a whole body tank for this amazing form of skin rejuvenation ;-}
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