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A little creative light play at the Electric Forest, Bedgebury Pinetum last year. If you take a camera you don't have to take a tripod - have a play with a bit of light painting. Looking forward to returning this year, its on for one week only 22nd-30th October. For details:
DSC_0052 Brushed PinesDSC_0126 SistersDSC_0121 Figured MistDSC_0055 Singing PinesDSC_0071 Dew SignatureDSC_0023 Moonlight thru the pines IIDSC_0026 Blue Pine RedDSC_0042 Bluebell DellDSC_0105 LanternsDSC_0062 Golden ThicketDSC_0050 Elvish MeadowDSC_0118 VolcanoDSC_0066 Landing ZoneDSC_0128 Flamingo woodDSC_0033 GladeDSC_0124 Green MistDSC_0119 Flamin' AdaDSC_0127 DancersDSC_0132 Tunnel InfernoDSC_0122 Hills Alive

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