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Whilst striking GMB Cityclean workers protest on the seafront in Brighton, Brighton Pier and Brighton SeaLife Centre along with other local businesses and the Tourism Alliance attempt to stem the rising tide of rotting rubbish piled in the streets and on the beach. Along with concerns for the tourist industry in Brighton, the danger to marine life and other wildlife inspired Brighton Sealife Centre and Brighton Pier to organise regular morning beach cleans. The Dunkerque spirit on the beaches has extended to other businesses in the city, but they are fighting a losing battle against the growing mountains of rotting rubbish. Whilst most have sympathy with the striking workers who are threatened with pay cuts, the pleas of the strikers for others to not clean up the mess are wasted mainly because although its a Sisiphyean task Brightonians need to feel they are doing something to help their city from sinking beneath the stinking swathes of rubbish.
Staff from the SeaLife Centre and Brighton Pier welcome volunteers to help with cleaning up every morning at 9 for the duration of the strike.
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