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Back at Sea Life Brighton today to see how the restoration/refurbishment is going. The old paint has now been stripped off all of the vaulted ceilings and it looks absolutely fabulous - or will do once the other work is finished. The plasterwork detail on the pillars looks so much better without the flaking encrustations of paint. Escorted by the ever patient Laura I picked my way through a hive of activity and cement dust - there is much still to be done it seems. In the Ocean Tank away from the main building activity, giant turtles Lulu and Jersey along with the sharks, seemed pleased to have a visitor and swam by to say hello. There was literally light at the end of the tunnel as I left, coming out into the sun where the work crew were taking a well earned lunch break on the beach. I hope that figuratively the light is there for the end of the refurbishment soon too so you can all enjoy this treasure again. Keep an eye on the Sea Life website for news of the opening date.

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