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Showing support for the clean up crews and emergency services after the riots by having a tea party - a wonderfully Brightonian response to events of the last few days. A fairly spontaneous gathering organised in 24 hours through Twitter and Facebook was just the thing to lift the mid week gloom. I joined Annabel, Ted and Godfrey Giles and David Daly on their quilt to munch cakes and drink tea before going for a wander to say Hi and take photos of others at the tea party. Amongst them I found Nikki Bayley, Juice FM's Andrea Fox, Jo Wadsworth and her recent addition to the family, looking glowing on maternity leave from the Argus, and Brighton Mouse aka Edward Heydorn amongst others. I can't tell you who the MP was, or the name of the charming Chief Superintendent of Sussex who joined us along with some of his colleagues who brought cakes to share so I shall probably be taken out at dawn and shot as a failed paparazzi… They were both very nice anyway and it was a jolly good tea.
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