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I’ve always been a sea swimmer - the sea has been both joy and solace throughout my life. Its ever changing moods from tranquil to awe inspiring have been a constant source of inspiration, and I’ve been a photographer for almost as long as I’ve swum.
When lockdown hit, being fortunate to live so close to the sea, I kept swimming as my daily exercise, often cycling along the seafront to different spots for my daily dip. This, and circumnavigating Brighton Palace Pier and West Pier helped to add some variety to life under lockdown whilst giving me a unique perspective of the coast. Swimming with just my iPhone in a waterproof case gave me the freedom to capture and share this.
The first 12 images of a growing "Swimming Panoramas" series focus on Brighton’s iconic West Pier and i360 and are being exhibited at the Toll Booth Cafe by the i360.
I continue to swim, and capture the beauty of it, at every opportunity.
To catch the latest installments in the series: @eyejewels on Twitter and Instagram

Please use the contact page if you wish to by a print.
Unframed Archival Giclee prints on Fine Art paper: Small 48 x 16 cm £45, Large 95 x 30 cm £95
Sizes are approximate.
Canvas prints as exhibited 96 x 20-25 cm £145
11 Mist at Sunset I.  20th April 202110 Daybreak Tranquility Blues  20th March 202105 Green Wave  20th August 2020.07 Sunrise, Moonset  2nd December 202008 New Years Gold, Sunrise. 3rd January 202102 Morning Breeze 18th July 202004 Afterglow  10th August 202006 Blow It All Away  24th November 202001 Clouds of Uncertainty June 18th 202003 Summer City 8th August 202009 St Patricks Day, The Grand 17th March 202112 Mist at Sunset II. 20th April 2021

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