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1st and 2nd April 2011 Sussex Beer Festival at the Pub Du Vin, Brighton. Part of the Spring Harvest Brighton & Hove Food Festival.

I never knew there were so many brewers of quality beers and ciders in Sussex until I went to the Sussex Beer Festival this weekend. Held in the glorious setting of the Dome Room and Pub Du Vin, [lavishly bedecked with swathes of the holy hop], on Ship Street in Brighton it featured offerings from such notable breweries as Adur, Arundel, Beachy Head, Darkstar, Hammerpot, Hepworth, Rother Valley, Fallen Angel, Rectory, Weltons, W J King, Kissingate Brewery and Middle Farm [home of the National Cider and Perry collection] to name just a few. There was no shortage of excellent pub grub either - Pub Du Vin fattened up their own pigs [who had lived a luxurious live of good food and beer swilling] especially for the occasion to provide a superlative hog roast, sausages, kebabs and pork sandwiches.

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