Fabulous food and immense fun at Terre at Terre, the award winning vegetarian restaurant, as their special event for Brighton & Hove Festival of Food and Drink - Terre a Dare took place. On arrival guests were served a cocktail and given the tools and instructions to make an origami duck - games were definitely the theme of this evening - but the games highlight was the fortune cookie dares which set tasks for completion either straight away or at a later date. Random acts of kindness dares included being nice to one's boss, baking a cake to share with friends and making up with someone you fell out with. But the real fun came with the instant dares to "show a leg" "Dance the can-can" or "lick someone's nose". Made for a fun and relaxed evening with friends, a delightful accompaniment to the wonderful food. I forgot to pick up a copy of the menu so I can't go into detail about the daring new flavours, textures and combinations on the "Almost Oriental" themed menu, but I can say none of it fell short of my high expectations. The most fun, and by far the best food, I've had at the food festival so far this year!

For more information on this and other Food Festival events check out
http://www.brightonfoodfestival.com/ and http://www.terreaterre.co.uk/
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