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Presented by Loba this award-winning play, based on playwright Eve Ensler's interviews with over 200 women, opened at the Komedia, Brighton, last night. Celebrating women’s sexuality and strength, for twelve years The Vagina Monologues has given voice to feelings and experiences not previously exposed in public. Last night's show, performed amongst a rich backdrop of art celebrating the vagina, was warmly received by a full house. A charity event - all ticket sales proceeds go to Brighton Womens Centre and Rise, Brighton charities working to stop domestic violence and supporting the victims of it. Another performance will take place on 6th April.

Performers - Julia Asling, Amanda Evans, Andrea Fox, Emma Gatsby, Tamar Karpas, Pam Parry, Lis Long, Colette Nolan, Sinead O’Rourke, Laugharnananda Ray, Louise Taylor, Hannah Wilder, Pauline Weir, Persia West.
Director - Lily Rose Double
Stage manager - Gemma Gale
The V-Team - Pete Bentley, Maylis Bernet, Ollie Bettany ,Drew Wright , Elizabeth Raen Baldwin
The Clitteratti - Annie Rose Devine, Rebecca Jones, Dee Murray and Kate Reeves

All photos ©Julia Claxton
Copies can be purchased for personal use through this website, for press and commercial use please contact photographer.
Proceeds of any sales to Rise and Brighton Women's Centre
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