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Beautiful, quirky, astonishing with an eclectic mix of architecture and design, Den Haag is a beautiful city even on a grey day with its warm welcome from it's inhabitants. Whilst the chefs prepare the evening's meal some of the ICEx team take time out to get to know the city a little better.

Brighton & Hove Food and Drink Festival's International Chef Exchange [ICEx] is bringing together chefs from around the world in this unique cultural exchange.

Michael Bremner of 64 Degrees in Brighton, UK, visits Restaurant Basaal, Den Haag, Holland to showcase the best of Sussex Food and Drink. He prepares a six course meal there which is served, accompanied by Sussex Ridgeview Wines and Blackdown Spirits along with wines by Karacter and Genever from Van Kleef, to Dutch chefs, producers, dignitaries, and others. Following this Bas Oonk, head chef and proprietor of Basaal, makes the return visit to 64 Degrees in Brighton. The exchange also includes time to visit other local restaurants, producers and to get a flavour of the city itself. All photos © Julia Claxton. More information from Brighton& Hove Food Festival http://brightonfoodfestival.com/international-chef-exchange/
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