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A sale of pier fragments from Brighton's historic West Pier was held this morning. Cast iron mementos from small oddments to large pieces such as columns and lamp posts were offered for sale by the West Pier Trust. Buyers and dog walking Sunday strollers alike mingled to hunt out a unique piece of Brighton’s history in the dappled light of the compound under the old pier's root end. The irony of a rusting fire hose reel still hanging seems lost on most people. [The pier was destroyed by fire] Out in the water the rest of the majestic remains of the former Brighton Pier defiantly stand against time and tide, possibly the most loved and photographed icon of Brighton.
Further sales will be held on January 22nd and 29th 2012 between 10 and 12.
For more information at about the West Pier and West Pier trust
Photos and text © Julia Claxton

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