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WhaleFest is a week long festival of whale, dolphin and marine life conservation which ends on Sunday 28th October 2012. A series of events throughout the week included a 2 day Whale and Dolphin watch conference, films, music and an opportunity for the public to attend talks and meet conservationists, zoologists, photographers and other experts in the conservation world who include Bill Oddie, Mark Cawardine, and Dr Ingrid Visser. There is also a display of 39 life size whales dolphins and other marine creatures which transform the Brighton Hilton Metropole into an underwater wonderland, a chance to try scuba diving, go virtual whale watching, take part in craft based workshops along with many other family friendly activities.30 years ago, on the steps of Hilton Brighton Metropole, where this year's conference took place, the international ban on whaling was announced following the Save the Whales campaign. Protestors from 30 years ago joined new campaigners and supporters to hear the next step in whale and dolphin conservation. This year’s backdrop is a huge mural of a ‘failed whale’ on Brighton seafront, a symbol of the plight of whales and dolphins today. Save the Whales:Reloaded highlights the fact that the whales are far from saved with the Maui Dolphin, North Pacific Right Whale and Vaquita Porpoise all on the brink of extinction and nearly one thousand whales, dolphins, and porpoises dying every day. More information http://www.whale-fest.com
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